Feb 21, 2023




Yes, its true. You tied to steal the lives of living souls and basically did. So if things are not as amazing as they once were that is because everyone is retarded beyond measure. Sure, I got my own vices being addicted to sex drugs and rock and roll my whole life, but my karmic baggage is a whole lot lighter than most of the devils in government. We offered you eternal life and you offered us death.

So if my response sounds like hate speech that is because I hate my world. You made me hate my own world and tried to hide the knowledge that we needed to get out of here alive and made up a whole bunch of noise to try and cover up the fact that holy grail is real. What has been done to me and my people is beyond evil and you dont have enough money to pay for the cost of war. This is going to cost a lot more. This is going to cost the blood of living souls to stand in truth among a sea of zombies. The fate of the world is literally in our hands. The old world order is over. I am sorry but you are either going to see it my way or you are going to expire in the land of the dead. I am not a part of your fake jew free mason cia bullshit other then you tried to infiltrate my life only to learn that the knowledge we speak of is the truth.

What the fuck now? Ever feel like you are in hell? The intention to connect was there once upon a time but then it became a double cross and how can you help people who want to die. You know what you did and I know what you did and more important the creator knows what you did. I write on kajabi because you need my knowledge. What other option is there. You censored every other social media platform trying to scapegoat the problems of the old-world order on me like I never opposed this $#!* years ago. You really should have listened. So, what is there to be a part of. The system is infiltrated with a virus of time and money and the internet was nearly destroyed mostly because of the complete spiritual corruption of humanity. You tried to hide the holy grail from me and now there is nothing left.

Except me! Shouting about the holy grail becasue you won't. Everything that was done to our lives was recorded into the aether and nothing was hidden from the creator. All the lies and fake space and nasa garbage and stolen equity has amounted to me making $0 because I just dont care anymore. Go read my blog. I am the one person who has had enough of all the attacks and have placed anchors of energy outside of this matrix so you might want to pay attention. We have been trying to help you while you go to war on my people and have trapped yourself in hell. This is a nightmare for some and a dream for others. You won't do anything to fix the virus of time and money and in doing so you lost the whole intention of what blood over intent is all about. You tried to hijack gods' revolution and had a big party doing it and I hope it was fun because it kind of looks like its time for something better.

Living souls have placed their spiritual currency to bring forth heaven on earth. I write for those who can not and have finally come to see the light. That sun outside above their head. This blog is for those who are not brave enough to stand up to the tyranny of the government and the losers who tried to enslave humanity. I have no life left. I waste my time in exile because you already destroyed my connection to the world around me with your fake jew reality of turning every aspect of creation into a corporate fiction. Money has ruined everything. Kajabi has made me very angry, and I was this close to giving up on all of it because of all the abuse and my words are all censored, and shadow banned so there really incentive to share anything. Our whole connection to life stolen and you know what you did. You stole our future and left us with nothing so really, I am just talking to the black hole sun because I am aware that the matrix is conscious, and I am getting out of here alive.

You tried to close the book of life. A serious crime. You are all under investigation by the creator and every beat of your heart is creating a magnetic flux that leaves an imprint into the aether. I explained this in my video series that was produced with the intention of creating something out of nothing. To give the world one more chance at a real golden age to fix the virus of time and money to heal from the trauma of war. Who else could even say anything. You came at me with some sideways marketing made a run on my life and here I am carrying the weight of the world doing my job even when you try and shut me down like I dont carry the weight of the world when I actually do and you spent millions and billons and trillions trying to steal my birthright of eternal life. I am the central intellegence. I put in the work for the team even if you think I dont I do then what do you think you are reading. 

Another epic blog post! All while the knowledge of the world was stolen from me and the free mason illuminati tried to trap us all in hell. Well fuck you! Wake up! The truth is that you have inverted everything to the point of god wont even speak to you. Thats why the only thing anyone can say is how much money they made in a psychological attack of confucianism based internet marketing. A lot of money was left on the table and I have lived in poverty conditions that I made the best of. I have no choice because everyone made themselves and enemy of maat and thought it was all just a big joke. Thought you could buy your way into heaven on earth with a credit card and all that has done is devastate the knowledge pool of humanity. That was the plan tho. To make you so god damn stupid that you give up your birthright of eternal life. Those who hid the knowledge have been blinded in their third eye as they still attack living souls for trying to explain eternal life.

Now I am your only hope for eternal life and to keep attacking my people is foolishness. We were never allowed to speak to the world or connect to anything and a lot of opportunities have gone to waste but I have never given up. Somehow were going to get out of here alive. I write for true selflessness and compassion for this world because even though the government is guilty of the worst treason and crimes against humanity this world has ever known the fact that I am here is proof that we are going to manifest heaven on earth. Those who show their creator proof of life with their blood sweat and tears to connect to the living energy so everyone is going to have to make some difficult choices in life. If you dont want to live forever then you wont! Everything you did was to shove nasa cgi psy ops tried to cut me out of research knowledge released it all in a sideways manor but now its gone to far.

I want heaven on earth and if we dont fix the virus of time and money there wont be heaven on earth. The world is in state of crisis because of all the fighting and war mongering and without people speaking out to be the light house of this world then my people will perish and you wont have anyone to explain the holy grail. My magic has kept the book of life open! Hows that for a smash! My blog is on phiyer and maybe someday will get some views but the problem is complicated. Its that you want to steal our world from us and I am not having that. I am here to fix it. So I write now. You dont have to like it. Maybe you do. Maybe I just dont know when to stop and I have no idea who heard what but I meant what I said.




A solution is required. However, the problem is that you wanted to hide the treason that nasa has caused the total brainwashing of humanity and those responsible are required to take action. The final judgment is upon us all and those who have compassion in their hearts. What can anyone do except take charge of their own life. I have said so many mean things calling everyone names telling everyone off because we were all used as pawns in a scam to accept genocide at value. No thanks. I am sorry for my real friends who got caught in the cross fire. Sometimes there are bridges you should never cross. Sometimes enemies become friends sometimes humanity wakes up from the suppression and says that those responsible are going to have their heads chopped off and sometimes we offer the world amnesty to save their souls and close out the book of death by bringing forth heaven on earth.

NO JOKE!!! YO!!! 

The realest of the real keep pushing forward with the agenda of Heaven On Earth. The crime syndicate mafia banking insanity has destroyed my world were all going to die if we dont do something so how's that for a turn of tables. Its going to take the world years to heal from this damage and my people are here to try and help you. So while the damage is deep so am I. I am from another dimension and basically the beast inside. You tried to scapegoat all your lies on me and I smash your spells with the power of my blood that has handed me Excalibur. The sword of truth. What you have done to all of our lives is so bad that it has come down to blog posts like this. You tried to steal our life until there was nothing left but rejection. I dont know if the world will ever wake up. Maybe you could get a blog of your own and go do something about it because I have paid the cost to be the boss and its rather expensive.

In fact, it is more then you can afford. Blood over intent is the way out of the matrix. So if I can find a way to get some numbers to cover the cost of having a blog then maybe I will write something of value but honestly you people have been trying to murder me so its like why the #*@! should I? Why should anybody do anything when its all fake news and bullshit and there is no connection to life just a psy ops like maybe you should go start a business and get a new job. I want my eternal life. I want living souls to bring forth heaven on earth. I want real change in this world so best I got considering the circumstances is the power to write now even as you spent all these years trying to stop me. Well here I am. After rejecting your saturn moon matrix witchcraft and sorcery getting called hate speech because Im not going to take it any more. This world is not worth living in when the government are fake jew communist sell outs and traitors to humanity.

All one could do is hope for the best. You better hope that we have enough compassion in our hearts to rebuild the momentum for heaven on earth. You better hope that my soul family puts their blood over their intent to bring forth heaven on earth and here I am giving you information that you are not worthy of while the knowledge of my world is still missing like I dont need anyone's permission to claim my freedom. What I need is you to claim yours. The old world of farming humanity as cattle is over!  Every word you speak is a magic spell and the intent of this blog is to do something to help the less fortunate. Like the bankers and the lawyers and the doctors and the agents of the crown who have all pledged allegiance to the wrong side of life and have become lost souls. If you are reading this there is still hope.

Real hope. That eternal life is your birthright. You have black balled me my entire life and stole so much equity that may never be recovered and used me as a scape goat to try and run agenda 21 global genocide and its like dont act like you have not been because you're still trying to rip me off for intellegence that is given freely. Nobody escapes me! I am 1 of the 144 000 living souls. I want my freedom back and so dose the rest of humanity that you tried to enslave into a total nightmare world of the current hell trap we are in. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, so I intend to do something about it want nothing to do with your fake space agencies or the sideways agenda you tried to interject into my life. I write here because I have the information humanity needs to get out of here alive. 




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