Feb 25, 2023

Clearly the only way anything is going 2 B is if you join us in blood so you wanted to control everything and now there is nothing left. You have written your names into the book of death by your own doings and there is nothing I can do to help you unless you pay attention. So I write now.

My new blog is as good as my last blog but even better and still going because I dont stop. I might waste time in the land of the dead because I do not agree with your sideways agenda on my life. I am a living soul god damn it and I write because the bullshit narrative of the old world order is a waste of time and life and I dont care what you have to say becasue all you have ever done is lie to me. I learned what I know because I knew I was being lied to and now the knowledge I have is the only thing saving blood over intent.

Everything was hidden until the time was right to reveal it to the world. That time is upon us. Write now. A lot of good men have made poor choices and I would say that goes for just about all of you so dont even start your bullshit with me I have been the one who masterminded the drive for a white hat operation as the old world order has a melt down due to the fact that gods chosen people have put up their blood to bring forth heaven on earth. I wrote on public forums and here I am hosting my website on Kajabi. The system is a good start but usually just a control to try and hide the truth of the never-ending attack on life. You make us hate our own world and without the knowledge of the ages there is no hope for humanity so there you go.

Jesus is a hoax. End of story. You were lied to. You literally need to actaully be born out of here in the flesh to get born again an the sun above your head is jesus. Dont argue with me. Put your blood over your intent to bring forth heaven on earth or leave your name in the book of death. This is how you save souls. The government has been instructed to cease and desist with all operations and war mongering against their own people. You are public servants and have been used as pawns in war because your fucking retarded beyond measure and have made yourselves guilty of the worst crimes against humanity. This is a world wide emergence! I declare it. Michael Toldnes The Merlin Of Avalon.

This is my world. I was drugged and attacked since birth and you dont even want to start with me becasue I will crush you all from another dimension. I am here to bring forth heaven on earth. This is an extra terrestrial order. I am banned on just about every social media platform so now I am paying to have my own and still you want to try and control my life until there is none and the realest of the real are here to try and fix this situation. Millions of people are responsible for the genocide of billions. Its really about as bad as it could be. I AM NOT GOING TO ALLOW YOU TO GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING!!! I am going to show you the proper application of the living dynamo and bring forth the end of days. If you dont listen to the 144 000 everyone is going to expire. Its not up to me. God is watching.

How on earth can we fix the world with words. Instead of showing proof of life everyone posted proof of money. Yall got it backwards and tried to scapegoat everything on me so here I am. I am not perfect wasted years of my life targeted attacked suppressed shadow banned ripped off and on and on it goes the shit that was done to me and the living souls all across the earth is evil. YOU TRIED TO STEAL MY WORLD AND NOW THERE IS NOTHING LEFT!!! Real change is upon us and the venom of god is pouring upon the earth. Its no soul left behind. Its we need to find a way to fix the virus of time and money. We need to heal from the trauma of war. We need to save as many souls as possible before the mentally insane world cabal destroys this matrix beyond repair.

When you die you become an orb and your soul is recycled through the false light of the succubus moon. Nobody escapes the 144 000 and I guess I have had to pay to inform you of this. What other option is there. The economic parasite of monetization of knowledge nearly cost you a golden age and made me so angry I had to tell everyone they are already in hell. A lot of good people are trying to make a change in this world and I know how brave you really are. I can see that the angel of death is going to find those who do not join us in the book of life. There is no other way out. I write becasue I know how important this mission is. I can see that the fate of the world is in our hands and without some kind of real change to the program everyone is going to die.

I have the knowledge of the ages. I have the power. My team has been standing against the tyranny of this corrupt world despite being sucked into the vortex of the forces of evil trying to drag us down with them. Get the fuck out of my world and dont ever come back with that globe bullshit, This is madness. The gift that has been given to me. The demons are the good ones in charge of teaching the science and the arts and those who have hidden this knowledge have hidden their connection to the creator. Its funny how the tables turn and proof that I am the original round. I have been targeted by all of the frauds and shills all these years they troll my knowledge making millions from our lives. I made $0. I got a payment one time from people trying to help but how dose attaching the virus of time and money help.

What is anyone going to do about it. It has to change, and you know it. The old system needs to change. I am not interested in your outside agenda. I have my own. I dont want your globe lies and your fake world. I want living souls to publish their written intent to the aethernet. That is what all of this is about. You need to show your creator proof of life. Blood over intent is the creators law so I dont know how to attach selling anything to this knowledge because that is what gets your name removed out of the book of life. This is not about money even though you have tried to make it about money. It is about eternal life and that is what I am talking about. Eternal life.

Return to sender the whole system is built on a flawed design. Even if you can't see it. I can. I paid to tell you this and there is the flaw from the start. Humanity refuses to wake up and take back their power so you can all just stay in hell where your names are placed by default until you decide to take action and reject the nasa space x fake reality useless data and your corporate manipulation of my life. I am not a part of your dead world I am a part of the living kingdom of creation and had my birthright stolen from me. I am upset. How can I not be. I figured out that my government tried to steal eternal life from me and used me as a battery to siphon my intellegence that was given freely and now here I am paying to tell you that the only equity of any value in the eyes of your creator is your blood sweat and tears.

The truth is that without the knowledge of the ages nobody is going anywhere and I dont have any connection to the lost souls who refuse to acknowledge the flat earth the holy grail the living souls' blood over intent the black hole sun the total destruction of life because of the propaganda machine that is being dismantled from within. The old system destroyed itself and most of them can't even see it. The attacks on life need to stop and the resources must be returned to the living souls immediately. What has been done is wrong and you know it and I know it and most importantly god knows it. Nobody is getting away with anything. Everything was recorded into the 5th element aether. The intent of those who hid the information have severed their connection to the creator and thought that lesser magic would take the crimes against humanity off their hands.




Zero interest in your drugs and alcohol and your and your fakes space and fake history and fake reality. The real ones can see what's going on and if you dont do something to help the situation then nothing is going to change and all of this will have been a giant waste of time. The real equity of creation is blood sweat and tears. Thats it. Thats what is going to save the universe. You are going to have to actually put in the work it takes to make a change in this matrix from one of hell and death to one of heaven and life. Who else can even say anything. Youtube tried to close the book of life and all the beautiful souls who put their blood over their intent to bring forth heaven on earth were censored in favor of your marketing. 

I dont know what you are selling because I never bought it. I paid with my blood to have a voice to save my people to do what is right and this has nothing to do with you trying to sneak your way into heaven on earth with a credit card. This is about real people coming together to put an end of the virus that has held humanity back from progress for decades. You are not going 2 B closing the book of life on my people. I won't allow it. I want something better than this nightmare of a fake world you left us all to deal with. The system is broken those who caused all the damage are dead and dying of old age and stupidity. I dont want to connect with your dead agents of corporate america. I am not a business. I am a living soul.

I am one of the one hundred and forty four thousand and I am one of the citizens that has been targeted by my own government because you knew who I was before I was born tried to track me through the matrix using all your rip off magic on our lives turning it all into money the whole time I never made any money I rejected all of it. I am the only one. I am the chosen. I choose. I dont have to put up with your abuse any longer and the only reason I am even writing is because if I dont shout about the holy grail you wont. You tried to close the book of life. You tried to shut down blood over intent. You tried to hide the words of god. You tried to seal your fate in the book of death and take as many souls with you and I wont allow it. The living waters are real and the seeds of knowledge were already planted.




The life is in the blood and this information is like the biggest inside job ever! It is the alchemy from within. It is the real souls showing you true selflessness. You know what was done and here we still are paying to share the data that is required for humanity to bring forth heaven on earth. Those responsible for the crimes against humanity are in a lot of trouble with the creator and karma is real. Everything was recorded into the Aether so if your intent was to try and hide the holy grail I sure as hell would not want your fate. I have my own destiny to worry about. I have my own problems to deal with. It has not been much fun waking up to the reality that the government is a satanic cult who tried to steal this world from the living souls. No thanks. I am not a part of the system designed to hide the knowledge of the ages.

Without real information all we get is bullshit so what makes you think your so special that you could lead your people anywhere. The intention of hiding knowledge and the hidden timelines and origins of life is evil and I am doing what I can to uncover the secrets of the hidden realities all while being targeted and gang stalked only to prove my case in point that you need me not the other way around. All the attacks are going to stop or were calling the whole thing off. The world is going to see it our way and learn the facts as to how Satan is the good guy that has made atonement for his sins to open the book of life. I am thankful for the knowledge that was shared even if the time was short. All 10 seconds of conversation with Mr. Satan who was genuine in thanking me for trying to share some information.

Then came the make money people if that's what you want to call it and them. Fake jew advertisers and marketing agents just wanna talk first and did despite being told to go to the back of the line where they belong and least there was going to be a place for them somewhere but instead you tried to make everyone's life goals revered and turned them into death goals like get a mourge age and save for retirement and die. HELL FUCK NO!!! You listen here. You liars are destined for failure and there is no place for your lesser magic attack on the devinie creator. Look I am not trying to be rude but if you are posing as gods chosen people and are not blood thick with us then you are not gods chosen people and therefore fake. What the fake jews have done to you all is beyond words. There is nothing left to say. The main flow of consciousness is given freely because we are here to bring forth heaven.




The knowledge you need was already given I am witness to the book of life. The resources of numbers were used to try and stop my soul family from succeeding. We are not debt slaves to the government. You are guilty of treason and serious crimes against humanity. Its a terrible mess that must be delt with. A solution is required to end the cycle of death. I told you many years ago and had my life stolen left in exile and here I still am doing my job. Amazing I know. Big deal. Everything has been smashed peoples lives are totally crushed, and the world faces the apocalypse of truth. Good things take time. I am sorry it took me so long to get a new blog started. The last one was called hate speech because I hate my own world its so damaged is so backwards look what you have done to us all. What do you intend to do about it. I have done as much as I can and more to bring your awareness to the importance of the knowledge we have shared.




How can I love my own world when its run by a parasite known as time and money. People need to be free from the chains of the old world order system and in the next few weeks and months I am working on uploading some more content to my blog when I have the time to focus on the work that I came here to do. Sharing the true teachings that shut down the cia and the old world order from operating and rejecting your declaration of war on my life cutting ties with friends if I have to becasue we are not here to negotiate with terrorists. We are here to give you your eternal life. We are here to bring forth heaven.




Those who are selfless and have an open heart to the truth of sharing knowledge are the ones who ahe a future. Your heart must be lighter then a feather to cross the frost bridge so you might actually want to hurry up. I am going to sign off now. Have a wonderful evening.


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