Feb 14, 2023

This blog has been a long time coming. Oh yes. Many people may wonder what is going on and that is what we are here to explain. For free. Many people have tried to take ownership of this world and humanity has lost their way in the sex drugs and rock n roll of it all. A new era is upon us and you can say whatever you want about me thats fine I am not perfect obviously being attacked by mk ultra cia war on my life since I was born. I am the victim of genocide yet here I am doing my job. Just like I said I would. 

Oh sure there has been a lot of damage since the war was waged on our lives making it next to impossible to achieve success when we are stuck in the land of the dead forced to turn every aspect of our life into money held hostage to dollars. Well, the price I paid is more than you can afford and the gifts that were given freely have become tainted with the deceptions we are all guilty of. Nothing shall be hidden, and everyone knows that we could all be doing a lot better. So I write now. I tried to share intellegence but the burden of money was dumped on me to make you pay for knowledge and in doing so the link to consciousness is lost making it pointless to share information. A lot of people were programmed with a broken framework of consciousness and what has been done to humanity is nearly beyond words but not for people just like me. I have the power to share alchemy that can actually save men's souls from the worst karmic debit one could carry. 




Oh sure it might not look like it because of the conditions we live in stuck in a world of poverty and social decay from all the trauma based control the government has been enforcing upon all our lives to the point of they spent trillions of dollars trying to shut us all down working in the dark to deceive you out of your birthright of eternal life. I am sorry for telling many good people off who got caught in the crossfire but the creator has a message to deceive to humanity and we are the ones who have paid the price. You know what you did I know what I did and most importantly the creator knows what you did. God is watching everyone waste the time of good people causing fighting among the lost souls who need someone just like me to point out the truth of reality. How can I turn my life into a business when I am a living soul? How can you put a price tag on your divinity? I am worth more then you got and I write now to share my wealth on my own healing journey to the center of the flat earth plain back to eden dealing with the trauma and abuse of the entire depths of hell carrying the burden of the team.

Its eyes on the prize. All any of us can do is to heal. Health Wealth and Abundance. The whole reason I am here is becasue I wanted to help humanity but first I have to help myself and that is what this blog is about. The information that humanity needs to change their destiny was given but with all the propaganda garbage fake media fake news there is no heros and the intention to bring forth heaven on earth is nearly lost in the battle of things like everyone thought it would just be easy to recover from several generations of war without some challenges to overcome. My people I am aware that we are in hell and behind enemy lines and have decided to do something about it. Its called taking action and that is what you are reading. I am not an actor or a product promoter I am a living soul reclaiming my world. It has not been an easy task since I dont really fit into corporate america plan of genocide.

Why wont you do something to help humanity! Why must it always be a fight for peace? You have spent so much time trying to steal what was given for free that eveyone almost gave up. Didnt you! Well I did not! And neither are you! If you are reading this then there is still hope that greatness awaits all who put in the spiritual currency to attach to the original intention of heaven on earth. Blood has been spilled to get this far and those who tried to stop the alchemy of the creator have caused serious problems for us all so here I am doing my job to write a blog that has the potential to save lives. We were right the whole time about everything being recorded into the aether now everyone is caught red  handed for crimes against their own creator for not putting their blood over their intent to bring forth heaven on earth.

I put myself on the line. I am just a nothing nobody wasted my life being suppressed to make sure I never went anywhere because I was outspoken about the problems in the world that it has taken years and years for the world to catch up on reality. The only thing saving us all is love. The love I always had and then was used up for a dollar and still I have the compassion in my heart to write from exile of my own world never being allowed to be a part of life because others thought they had the right to abuse us and have committed serious crimes against humanity to the point of it has come to epic blog posts like this. 5 years ago I published my blood to youtube to get a witness to my proof of life. You could have done the same. In fact, you still can and should becasue without proof of life all you got is nothing. All these thought leaders hijacked the internet with co intel pro style propaganda to program you with a plan to die in the land of the dead and I won't allow it. No Sir.

My own health is compromised from the years of living in poverty because I cant figure out how to give a damn about a system that was designed to fail. Something needs to be done and the real leaders need to speak out and in order to do that they are going to need to know the knowledge of the ages. The information I have gained in my research was obtained through hard work and years of dedication to breaking free from the hex magic program that was installed into humanity at birth all attached to the bonded security legal name fraud that has made the entire government guilty of treason. This is a serious problem for everyone and by the power of god we are here to do something about this.

Your participation is required. Somehow, we are going to bring forth heaven on earth and show this world humanitarianism on a level that has never been known. All are being offered a place in the book of life and in order to join us you need to publish your spiritual currency. The bible proves my claims not the other way around. The truth that was left in the holy book was scrambled in a code that nobody could understand so that the church could corrupt your minds with a false reality that has led you into a nightmare-based reality that we are no longer going to tolerate. It has gone to far. YouTube tried to close the book of life and instead of allowing the living souls to connect so that we can unite for the holy grail exodus you ran a fake pandemic creating another layer of damage to the world that is going to have to be recovered from. You all need mental health. Welcome to the first session in my new blog hosted on Kajabi even though at first, I thought it was a scam I have decided to publish some information that was documented a few years ago in order that we bring forth heaven on earth.

Merlin Of Avalon

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