Feb 17, 2023

Whats up peoples! Did you miss me! Maybe not since everyone hates me for being alive. I write to the people of earth and have done so for many many years now. Go read my blog. I tried to save a lot of good people from the grip of death but it seems everyone wants to remain retarded. We shared a lot of knowledge years ago but since you never got the opportunity to hear it humanity never got the chance to heal and all you got was a fake revolution turned into a nightmare. Your best plan for success is to save for retirement and die proving my point that you dont have a life plan. You have a death plan and I oppose that.

I am the official opposition. I am the real space agency. I am the Merlin Of Avalon. You dont have to like me. We offer you eternal life and you have sealed your fates into the book of death. OMG WTF. This blog is not much fun somedays but hey Im trying. The burden of the financial tyranny falls on my shoulders as you try to use me as a scape goat for all succubus way of life the leads to the current police state propaganda fake news fake reality fake people fake history to the point of it has come to blog posts just like this from people just like me. I AM THE ARMY OF GOD!!! WE ARE GOING TO BRING FORTH HEAVEN ON EARTH!!! The sovereignty of life must be restored and freedom to improve the quality of life.




What do you intend to do about it. My intentions are to bring forth heaven on earth. We cant have heaven when the world is run by a satanic cult of doom. What part of everything is recorded into the aether did you miss. Listen, a lot of good people have made poor choices in life costing more then you can afford. Clearly nobody can even get to the point of the matter. ETERNAL LIFE!!! Where you dont die. In order for this to happen a shift in consciousness is required and the means you cant go around spewing bullshit about the earth being a globe trying to hide the creator from living souls. What is the use. Its like honestly nobody cares or can even do anything about it. You just want to attach money to the exodus and that is the very reason that there isnt one. How much is that knowledge worth?

At this point there is nothing left. All I see on the social media networks are lost souls talking in circles around their own demise. I know you made a lot of money. I saw some of your videos. I just dont have the funds to participate and I am technologically challenged. I just wanted to fix the problems of the world and made some comments about how god damn angry you have mad me to the point of I dont care if you hate me for saying the things I say. I am upset. How can I not be? I have the spear of destiny and the creator wants her children to live. What has been done to us all is wrong and was set into motion years before we ever were born into this life as the forces of evil have tried to kill the blood line of king david and the 144 000 living souls. Ya this world is not what you think it is.

Much of the research was scattered to the wind and im not the only one who regrets it. Cant go back in time. If you had a time machine you would have fixed all the problems of the world but here I am doing it. Because I am selfless. You have no idea what it takes to be one of the greats. You paid your way into social media and tried to interject yourself into my life and silenced us because you made a lot of money selling whatever. Its all for sale including your soul and I paid with my blood to have a voice and took owner ship of the souls of the dead so I speak for those who can not! SEE!!! BECAUSE I CAN!!! All these years I demand remedy. None is given. Money is used to control peoples lives. It was a tool used to create war. So I live with the basic poverty pack of life trying to sell a dime bag of green on the side but with the legalization of government weed the whole culture of cannabis was monetized just like everything else in this world. It becomes cold and heartless and just another brick in the wall.

I have no reason to write other then its no soul left behind. Most of you never really cared about me just used me for some cheap thrills that turn out to be so expensive we broke the bank. The rivers of consciousness are flowing freely weather you like it or not. The people have spoken, and they do not want war and the world governments are put on notice that something amazing is happening. The intel is correct. The living souls are offering world peace one more time. Hows that for amazing. You wanted to use me to make me offer you what was already given for free. The book of life was opened nine years ago and the only reason I am writing in Kajabi is because I am not heartless. You have tried to close the book of life it seems because of the censorship on youtube and fakebook and google and it can be classified as nothing other than genocide.




So Kajabi wants to partner with me and attacks me to do so. Basically, I just came here to inform you of the terrible mistakes you have made and offer real solutions to the global crisis. The truth of the flat earth holy grail is what you seek and god is taking names. The aether is recording you write now. I intend to bring forth heaven on earth. My blood has been placed upon the alter to help humanity and here I am taking the time out of my life to try and write something of value that can change the frequency in your heart. Nobody wanted to hear from me for years and my words have been suppressed so I am used to living in poverty. They used to tell me. Get a job. Well here I am doing it. Hello. You want to ruin my life and I am good enough at doing that. All these wasted years of nothing. I guess I missed out because I refuse to participate in genocide. 

The holy bible itself explained many of the secrets of reality yet the knowledge was hidden in a manor that only those wtih the eyes to see could understand it like it was a code written for the elite to steal the power of humanity and good god look at what your christian cult has become. The real tribes of isreal are here speaking to you now. Hello. Welcome to my world. Are you having fun yet? lol ya me too. I love my world so much that I hate it. For good reason. I am sorry that it took so long for me to catch up on reality but with all the missing knowledge and complete targeted attack of mindless garbage what did anyone expect. I was lied to. Maybe I did some lying to. Is there such thing as a white lie? How about a black lie? How about the truth of the knowledge of the ages. How about I dont owe you anything and you better hope I have enough love left in my heart to carry this through to fruition.

No! What has been done is evil. There is no deal other then world peace. That option is the true path to righteousness and the only way anyone is going to achieve this is to place their blood over their intent to bring forth heaven on earth. Time and money are a virus that have broken this world. You might not want to heart that but these are the facts of reality so if you dont change your ways then you shall remain in the book of death were your names is already placed by default. The problem is that money is a false idol and there is nothing backing it except for the stupidity of humanity. The stock market is a ponzi scheme and you are the cattle being traded on it. The government is farming you like cattle and profiting from the death of its own citizens. Literally everyone is guilty of genocide and your silence is consent. God demands proof of life and the only way to make atonement for sin is to place your blood over your intent and publish it public to get a witness. Ya real $#!*

The whole world knows what has happened. We all know that the banks have stolen the land from humanity and the true owners of this earth are here in the flesh trying to heal from the damage of war. Oh ya well turns out were the ones you need the most and we are the ones you attacked the most. Why am I even sharing this. All you ever did was profit from my life and left us to defend ourselves for being outspoken against the tyranny of the world. Who can even help? Who even cares? All the government wants to do is attack their own people. You declared war on us not the other way around. Dont you ever forget that. Nobody was sorry when they were not caught now its not so funny because the hoyl grail turns out 2 B real and we need to get to the center of the flat earth plain before we die and because of lack of knowledge my people are destroyed!!!




I published my blood over intent Feb 14 2017 and the fact of the matter is that the journey to the center of the flat earth plain is a healing journey. You need to program the matrix with your blood sweat and tears. I made a couple of videos about this. Once upon a time. Before the fake pandemic psy ops propaganda total destruction of life. There is nothing left. Maybe evil did won but I have not given up. If you had to live through what I have maybe you would feel the same, but I have no idea what you have lived through, so I am not even going to pretend to know so the truth is that I am owed more money than anyone on the internet because I won the war! It took years to finally make you see the truth of the words we spoke for free because it was no soul left behind. Nobody is coming to save anyone and if we dont shout about the holy grail you won't. Your just gonna post another link to some marketing email list software and then what? Make six figures and then what?

I mean really people where do you think you even are? Inside of the firmament maybe? OYA! This blog has been a long time coming and the only way out of here alive is to show your creator proof of life. I have very little connection to the old-world order and the new system is being developed so maybe someday I can figure out how to make a dollar from all of this but in all honesty, this is about the living souls bringing forth heaven on earth, so I have paid the price to rebuild the momentum for heaven on earth with my blood. This site is a master lesson in how to hack the matrix with your spiritual currency and save humanity from the forces of evil that has gone to far. If you go any further down the path of destruction all will be lost and I can see that the fate of the world is in my hands. Its is in the hands of the 144 000 living souls and I guess the only option left is to try one more blog on Kajabi.

There was a time when all you wanted was these words! All you wanted was me! I gave my whole life for this cause and the time for victory is here for humanity. I write now because its no soul left behind. I write here because an old friend believed in me. That we could do something to change the destiny of this world while being trapped in hell and having to stand up for ourselves against all odds to do what is write. Some days it might sound like hates speech. For that I am sorry for those who got caught in the cross fire. Nobody said any if this would be easy. To the realest of the real I thank you and speak for those who can not obviously it has made a lot of people angry at me but i was the one you hated the most and now I am the one you need the most. Funny how the tables turn. The abuse is gong to end write now and if you dont pay attention to the knowledge that my soul family tried to give you for free several years ago then you are going to miss out on the most beautiful alchemy. Ever.

So much has been lost. My heart nearly breaks at the clamity humanity has programmed the matrix with but since nobody asked me I just wrote about it then and now and still am so if you are reading this dear ones there is still hope and yet another sign that good has won the war. Yes the real war. The war in heaven has been won because of the selflessness of the blood spilled into the aether by living souls to bring an end to the devil magic used to hold humanity hostage to some numbers. I got infinity numbers so my bank flow is worth more. I am from another dimension, and this is my world. I am the owner of this earth and have had to resort to battle tactics such as this blog post to inform the army of god that we are getting out of here alive. New systems are going to be built to give all a decent level of life. Even the bankers and the lawyers and those who have been entrapped to a system built on deception and fraud.

I mean lets face it. There is a problem. I have nearly lost all hope in humanity and nearly given up on anything because of the abuse and trauma of war. I might be ok. Someday. Im trying. Im still blogging up a storm because without my high vibration there will be nothing left. A lot of people tried to make money from my life and did holding me hostage to living in poverty that I really could have done something about like get a job or quit being so lazy but in all honesty the creator had a plan for me and my people. There has been so much devastation in all our lives that if we dont do something about the situation all of this will have been for nothing and what a shame that would be. Shame on all of us for being retarded beyond measure. At least I am doing something. I shout from the roof tops about the holy grail and want nothing to do with the old world ways of life where there isn't any because yall a bunch of debt slaves to the government that tried to farm us like cattle. It needs to stop.

All world leaders swore an oath on the bible and the creator was actually watching you. You are bound by your own hex magic and need to un hex yourself from the false reality before you run out of time. It was all fun and games until it wasnt because everyone was caught by god for crimes against themselves. Clearly the white hat operation in the military has set into motion a plan to free humanity from the insanity of war and those responsible for putting an end to the madness are the real heroes. We have been trying to contact you for quite some time now as the information we have is vital to your success in life. Without it you are destine for failure so all of the attacks on your own chances of success need to be reversed. You are the one who swore an oath not me. I dont swear on the bible. Mother fucker.

I swear to god if you dont show your creator proof of life death will find you. What we are explaining to you is the secrets of the universe for 100 % free because we are just nice like that. You might not see it that way. Or whatever. This flow is mine to give and is my gift to humanity. The breath of life. Don't you ever double cross the creator and the plan. I guess I got my ticket for the long way around and the only thing anyone can do is accept the truth for what it is or live a lie thinking that someone is coming back to save them. This was already explained. Jesus is the sun and if you dont start speaking your intentions to the sun then you are missing out on heaven on earth. I have not made any money yet. I dont know how to partner with people that hate me and try to help in a selfish way that really just causes more problems for us all, so I write now.

There are systems that could be put into place to free humanity such as emergency broadcasts and a full stop to the lies of the propaganda mill of a complete fabrication of life. Its time. We are going to show humanity that there is still hope for life that we have just been waiting until people caught up on reality and the importance of what is going on. Nobody else can explain it and nobody else will. I write because I want to put an end to the war mongering that has cost so many lives. Much time has been wasted and everyone abandoned me because of how much misery was caused. This was always about eternal life. The bible told you we would be returning so hopefully this blog will produce some value to lost souls looking for a way out of the matrix. The only way forward is heaven on earth anything else is just crazy.

I am the one whose intelligence has the power to overcome evil. I have the spear of destiny. It was handed to me in my own blood, so it was never a competition. We would have shared freely then just like we are now only nothing ever happened because you discredited the alchemy of your own blood. Ever feel like the whole weight of the world is on your shoulders and everything hinges on what you say becasue of all the anger and hate the mission is nearly lost. Clearly, we are in hell and if you dont start being nicer to each other all hope might be lost. I write from exile of my own world. Maybe someday we can all be happier. Time will tell. Maybe someday humanity will have heaven and wake up to the reality of the world before their very eyes to make a change. I always wrote about a golden age and did what I could with the limited information I had at the time being lied to my whole life about literally everything.

Lucky we have made it this far and without the information we have to share everyone is going to expire in the land of the dead so maybe you want to get on my email list and maybe you dont. The book of life was opened many years ago now and much damage has been done but I have never given up. Someday. Were going to rise up on that wind and keep on flying. Until then I give away the breath of life for those who are worthy of my words as the old world order has a meltdown due to the fact that the matrix is programmed with your blood sweat and tears just like we told you. We tried to tell you and did. We still are. We are the ones who have suffered abuse and had hate put on us to dump the burden of the failure of monetizing the exodus on people just like me. Oh great more abuse and nobody knows what to do and I write now because who else even could. Sure, much damage was done. What did anyone really expect? A million dollars? Honestly at this point if I had any money, I wouldn't know what to do with it as I have no real connection to anything in this world other than heaven on earth.

Healing takes a while and after being at war for several incarnations only to learn that were all our own worst enemy. You made me hate my own world and the virus has tried to turn fellow man against each other only to nearly destroy the intention of bringing forth heaven on earth. I can see that Kajabi has done a lot for everyone's lives to try and change the world and at first I thought it was a scam then I got mad and the damage is all because of lack of knowledge so I guess it had to come to this point eventually when the cream of the crop rise to the top and finally unite humanity and find a way to publish something amazing even if everything was smashed and it all crashes into the ocean because we are the phiyer inside. We gave you all a lot of spiritual currency and what was stolen is being returned to those who stand in truth with their creator. A new world is being born and we have a lot of things to deal with to fix the damage. 

Anyway. This blog post is about all that's left of my life and most of you may not want to hear from me because the life mission I am on is one of bringing forth information that can save billions of souls. We need a miracle. I am trying. I am only one person. Trying to change the world. The government sure has not made it easy as the world nearly slips into a state of chaos and isfet nearly takes the minds of good men who are here to continue what we started many years ago despite everyone being retarded beyond measure. There is no way out of here alive other then blood over intent. We have the key to the matrix and are trying to show you how you can save yourself from what was done. A lot of people have suffered greatly and somehow, we are going to restore the balance of this realm. The team has nearly been annihilated and self-destructed with the fall out of war. I have not given up.

My alien radio is active and in time the matrix will begin to show the world signs of hope that a true world order is coming into fruition because we have the authority of the creator to bring forth the knowledge of the ages and start a process of sharing information that will actually make a difference in the lives of all living souls. Blood over intent is the way out of the matrix and this information was suppressed and censored because good men have found it within their hearts to take a stand for what is write. I speak becasue this is my world. I have never gone far mostly just wasted my days sliding by blogging about the tyranny of the government only to strike a nerve and the core alchemy of the ages has been given freely to try and make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

People. Much time has been wasted. The world was nearly destroyed. We are the last survivors of the appolcypse and if you are reading this then there is still hope that humanity is going to find a way to deal with the storm that is clearly upon them. I advise that I am sorry for the abuse that I have put myself through the abuse that all have suffered that my words can fix the damage of all of the fighting in the world were the people have been left in poverty becasue of the virus of time and money. These two things are the main functions that have stolen your happiness. I can not be happy because we are a state of war due to the old treaties of days gone by so here we are offering once again the alchemy of the super funk power to end the lies of the globe and transition into a golden age for the benefit of all.






My vision is focused on the prize and that is eternal life. The system of money need to be reorganized and it needs to be done now to launch a golden age to lift humanity out of poverty immediately. I command it. I demand it. I am not wrong. I am write. I speak for those who cannot because without someone speaking on behalf of the true army of god then nobody is going to get the truth. We need to heal from the damage of war and the storm rages on. What has been done to humanity is wrong and you know it and I know it and we all know it and if you dont stop it then their wont be much hope left soon. Some days it seems like all hope is lost. Like everything was a waste because the anger nearly took over and made us look like the bad ones when its called defending yourself. Its called defending your point of view because you can see that humanity has missed critical knowledge regarding the alchemy they need to live. 

Death was a program virus that you all accepted at value and the time is now. It always was. And now we are going to have to find a way to rebuild the round table of Camelot and the heart of Avalon because without someone just like me where would anyone be. I dont know how to make money. Taking money in the name of blood over intent is what gets your name removed from the book of life. I have tried to explain in my council to the lost souls that knowledge is a living energy. It is a communication with you and the creator and god has had enough of everyone's mental insanity. A revolution of epic proportions is required and despite all the deleted emails and sideways agendas of advertising somehow the creator just keeps on giving me knowledge. The time for people to stop dying is now. You need to arrest yourself and pay attention to this message. Every compass in the world is pointing to the holy grail.

My last blog was deleted for hate speech becasue well I guess it was. I dont know. A lot of soul energy was stolen and in return I have given you a place in the book of life in the sense that I am one of the few who are still even shouting about the amazing moment in time when the magic of life was upon all humanity as then everything was scrambled and censored, and shadow banned and here we are all these years later shouting about the holy grail. Someone has to do it. I dont know how to run a business when my job by DeVine order is to get this information to you as quickly as possible and without fixing the virus of time and money there is no heaven on earth. I cannot let the anger of war consume me any longer and have done what I can to defend the original alchemy of blood published public to bring forth heaven. Even if you tried to cover it up. God is my witness.

I will leave you with that for now and continue to learn about how to blog in the land of the dead so that we can get information to people before they run out of time. In order to enter the garden of eden we need the knowledge of the ages and this information has been hidden from humanity and somehow, we need to talk about having an exodus to the center of the flat earth plain to find the living waters and get eternal life for all living souls. It is our birthright. The knowledge will be further explained as the blood alchemy for me has gone 5 years now. I just thought I would give you an update. I have been here for years trying to survive all the mental insanity of fake pandemic propaganda psy ops like nothing I know was real and I really dont have a lot of happiness. How can I. I am in hell, and everyone has had their brains washed with so many lies I dont know if they are ever going to wake up. Stay tuned.

Merlin Of Avalon

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