Mar 03, 2023

Greetings once again to those of you who have been following my blog. You might not like it. There are a lot of things in this world that I dont like. Mostly myself. I hate my own world and every day its a struggle just 2 B alive. This blog is built on blood sweat and tears. There are many people who speak because money is their god and its obvious that nobody is going anywhere without blood over intent.

How dose one create some content of value when nobody cares about the knowledge you have and all I have ever known is betrayal from people who hate me because we took a stand against the forces of evil and won! Oh if say otherwise how come your here reading my blog. Because you know I am write! :) I may not be perfect but I have put in a ton of work all with a limited budget and not a whole lot of help. To the few real ones who have done what they can it is apprecieated.

Some days you might not know it because I have a bad attitude towards the old world order that tried to trap humanity in hell. So ya I got a lot to say some days and others I wonder why I dont just give up. Maybe its because I am not a quiter! Maybe its because I have the phiyer inside screaming at me MERLIN YOU NEED TO SAVE YOURSELF!!! The 144 000 need some inspiration to know that we have not given up that we still care about the core values of the mission to bring forth heaven on earth.

Obviously not an overly easy task. Everyone wants to prented they are on a spinning godless ball and refuse to stop with the gaslighting targeted attacks of all the lies that have broken everyones brains into pseudoscience propaganda that you may never recover from. How can anyone even comprehend what it takes to even write now and actaully program the matrix with the gnosis required to change this matrix from one of war to one of peace when all the governmet has ever done is declare war on my life since birth and in previous incarnations. Sorry if you got caught in the cross fire.

We tried to tell you that real $#!* was going down and that the creator is speaking freely to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Internet marketing has not made anything very easy to share mostly due to the fact that millions of people are responsible for the genocide of billions of people and the creator is demanding proof of life. I am not here to sell you anything. I am here to fix the virus of time and money and I have had to pay to tell you this. People just like me have to pay to teach and we pay the cost of it all becuase we never make any money. The creator is demanding proof of life and if you dont publish your blood over your intent you have no leg to stand on. Blood over intent is the creators law.

I made some videos that I had hoped would help to explain things and maybe inspire some greatness in the consciousness of life but with the censorship and complete lack of response I live in exile with no connection to anyone except my cat and a few friends who have their hands full with trying to survive in the land of the dead just like everyone else. Well I am sick of surviving. I am going to live my life and we are going to find a way to fix it. Oh yes I am angry. Very angry. I am damaged and suffering from the trauma of life times of war but if you are reading this then there is still hope. Real actual hope that someone can see what is going on. Everyone is legally dead lost at sea and trapped in hell.




I was set up and you tried to use me as shade to cover up a lot of things. I can see that the fate of the world is in my hands so I write now and remind you that your blood is the most powerful substance in the universe. I dont want anything to do with your fake space fake science fake reality fake news fake people or fake lives. I live in some shady conditions because I dont really get along with the government. What you have done to me and my soul family is evil. I am very upset. How can I not be. I mean good god you tried to steal my soul and are mad at me because I took it back from the vatican with my own blood. Well fine. Agree or disagree or whatever.

I write because its obvious that nobody else can even shout about the holy grail. Youtube destroyed the book of life and now here I am on my new Kajabi blog paying to talk to myself because you have an agenda to sell information and make everyone else complacent with calling saving for retirement a success plan. Sorry. If you are planning to die you are a failure at life and must have missed the memo. We tried 2 B nice. I guess I have become jaded from all the gangstalking targeted attacks on my life to the point of I dont even care any more and have nearly become toxic to myself as frauds and shills try to steal heaven on earth from the living souls. Money wont save you. It is a tool used to make you retarded and slow you down and to block knowledge from being shared. 

Listen, sharing is to give freely. Selling is to take money. One is selfless the other is selfish. Money is printed out of thin air and given to government agents of a satanic cult who are using this to control every aspect of our lives. Money is a virus. Where dose money come from? Do you think my knowledge has no value because I dont wish to sell it to you. How can you call yourself a leader when you are condemning your people to financial slavery to private banks that have used this fiat tool to start just about every war including the most recent attack on life. You can not buy your way into heaven with money. All you can do is hold humanity in bondage to slavery of a system that is designed to steal your soul. You need to pay attention.

My new blog has cost more then you can afford. The system dose not wrotk without money by design because you tainted the communications with payment noise to try and bankrupt the truth movement to implant controlled opposition. I am the real opposition and I am controlled by god. I am here as an extension of the black hole sun to stand in defense of the living souls who have a right to eternal life. Dont you ever forget that the government shills were not going to tell us about the holy grail we had to figure this out from a handful of brave souls who spoke the truth. Where did they all go. All the youtube channels are lost and buried in so much noise that you paid to drown out the living souls from bringing forth heaven on earth. A rather costly mistake. One that I have paid to repair and rebuild the momentum of heaven on earth. With my blood!




The fate of the world is in my hands. It is in the hands of Satan and 144 000 living souls who are here by devine order to remind you that every compass in the world is pointing to the holy grail. A lot of knowledge was shared and nearly lost in the madness of everyone trying to make a dollar from the exodus. It did not have to be this way. I told you many life times ago if music be the food of love play on and then came the fake news and the private banks and hundreds of years of brainwashing with lies and propaganda and psy ops that have broken everyone's brains including those who did the lying. Especially those who did the lying. Everything was recorded into the Aether.

I am blogging in the name of heaven on earth. It is a labor of love. Don't try and explain that concept to your financial advisor. They might think your out of your mind. I write because I was ignored all my life and posted so many activist links that even the government was like omg youre right. On that note. I gotta go. I got some things to do. Have a great day.



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